In today's market, webmasters need to work with an affiliate program that understands their business completely: from demographics to language, browsers, operating systems, payment processing and more.

At TopBucks, we constantly study the market, traffic sources and make optimizations designed to generate more
revenue and satisfied customers. Plus, we have a wide assortment of promotional tools to help you convert
your traffic into cash. So get to know TopBucks and see what we can do for both your PC and Mobile traffic. No Longer Available For Promotion

Effective immediately, the website adultcams is no longer available for affiliate promotion.


05.29.14Move to Monthly Payouts

Pursuant to the updated terms and conditions, TopBucks webmaster payments will be issued on a monthly basis.  The start date for this change is the June 1st pay period.  Payments for commissions earned June 1st to June 30th will b issued on July 7th.


11.15.13Fleshbot Unveils New Site Design by TopBucks Media

Longtime online sex blog Fleshbot has debuted a new makeover. The website, which was redesigned by TopBucks Media Services, showcases a clean and easy to navigate layout.

Founded in 2003 by Gawker Media, is a popular weblog for both heterosexual and homosexual erotica, offering a variety of image galleries along with news and insight regarding sex in the mainstream media.

TopBucks Media Services helped create a total design overhaul and implemented new solutions such as the mobile and tablet optimized version of the website. The new Fleshbot layout also seamlessly integrates advertisements on the website without it being intrusive to the viewer.

"We were ecstatic to have the opportunity to partner with Fleshbot for the site redesign," enthused Kristin Wynters, VP of TopBucks Media Services. "This allowed for TBMS to showcase the different tools we have available in regards to site overhauls."

Wynters also discussed the impact the overhaul can have on maximizing the site's content. "By accentuating the featured content along with recognizing the needs of both the viewers and advertisers," she said. "We feel the new layout will deliver Fleshbot's site content in the best possible manner."

For more information about TopBucks Media Services, contact Kristin Wynters at or visit


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